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Pine Cone Music proudly serves Halton Hills. The owner Peter established Pine Cone in 1992. He grew up in Georgetown and still lives in town to serve the community. We provide music lessons, retail of beginner instruments, accessories, and instrument repair.

Our teachers design lesson programs with custom care to suit the needs of each individual student. Students can choose to learn modern music styles of their choice such as rock, folk, popular music, etc. 

We also offer Royal Conservatory programs for piano, guitar, violin, and voice. Students can also select to learn in a Jazz guitar program. Free performance concerts give students the opportunity to demonstrate their craft. 



 I can't say enough about how wonderful Pine Cone Studio is!! We have seen Enrique continuously improve and more importantly his passion for music has grown because of all of you. I would also like to thank you for accommodating him and having him perform at the beginning of the concert so that he could also make his football game. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

- Marcia C.

Thank you so much for making their experience so amazing and memorable. We appreciate all the hard work from the whole staff, getting them prepared, getting a venue and making sure they learned and had fun at the same time. It was Danny’s 1st experience doing a live performance and I am so thrilled that he enjoyed it. Andrew performed twice on Friday for the first time live as well. He got selected for his school talent show and would not have had the confidence if it were not for Pine Cone. It makes me so happy to see them happy. Thanks again!

- Connie B.

I just wanted to take a moment to weigh in on the concert on Nov 16th at the John Elliot Theatre. It was a great venue and seating was very comfortable, it was very easy to see the stage even with people in front of you due to the layout. It provided a professional atmosphere but above all else it felt warm and cozy and not overcrowded. The Theatre filled in nicely and there was not a lot of empty seats which made for a perfect evening! Well done!

Kristina and Victoria had a blast and enjoyed performing! Look forward to the next event! Thanks!

- Peter L.

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